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Standard Longbow in Triple and double laminate configurations 40lb - 55lb and specially selected longbow with a differance.

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MORE ABOUT US: Traditional Longbow making is an art and many may feel that it is beyond their talent. This is not true, most of us have the ability to make a traditional longbow or even longbows; we just don’t have the confidence or maybe the facilities. We at traditional longbow are here to help make those longbows that you want. We give you as much information in the workshop as you request; we can provide your longbow to you, at any stage of completion;  from stave making materials, to make your own stave, complete staves and partly worked staves; all with a package of materials to instruct you and ensure you can complete those horn nocks, arrow plate and handle. Along with a great book to fill in all of the details you need for traditional longbow making, we can provide custom longbows to those that simply don’t have the time.

LONGBOWS are great! You know that, and so do we. Unlike any other piece of archery equipment the traditional longbow is the only one that makes you feel like a master; when you get it right. Longbows can challenge your strength but always your mind.  At Modern Longbow we want this to continue; if you are not strong don’t worry. We believe longbows should always challenge your mind first, not your stature. Longbows are a craft, it is not an exclusive craft to those that can draw great weight, it challenges you to the core; you the bow and the need! Whichever opportunity we offer, and you select, we will support you through your efforts. Our workshop is an expression of your longbow requirements and is driven by you. Talk to us about your longbows and we will add information to the workshop for all.

ARCHERY EQUIPMENT: Some archery equipment is often ignored, for example, shooting gloves, bracers and even bow bags. Your bow bag is simple pieces of equipment: How suitable is it for the purpose? Does your bow bag breath? Does it have a built in string keeper? The shooting glove is often ignored since it is there only to protect your fingers, is it not? These are details; ignore these archery equipment details and miss a great archery experience. This experience is described in the book Modern longbow Toxophilus, A Voice from the Past. The great words from this past philosopher is what we want to introduce to out archery equipment, keep coming back to find them in our shop.

By Ian Pope

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